Engraving Service

Avoid losing your stethoscope…

Have your stethoscope engraved right away with your purchase. We are using a high-tech laser engraving method, the YAG engraver. The stethoscopes are engraved directly under the surface, so that the engraving will never fade. This method is also used with other medical instruments.

Have your stethoscope engraved, to avoid loss, swapping, or theft.

Such a laser engraving represents a nice personal present as well – be it for a student, a colleague, or somebody who has just finished their studies.

Delivery Time

If you buy your stethoscope at stethoscopeshop.co.uk and wish to have an engraving, you don’t have to wait any extra time: the delivery time is exactly the same as without engraving – it will usually be sent the day you’ve placed your order!

Placing Your Order

You can type in the text to be engraved on the product site (as shown below) – a maximum of 22 symbols and spaces. An example of the text will show automatically on the product. Some stethoscopes cannot be engraved, because the material doesn’t allow a long-lasting engraving. In these cases, the option to fill in your engraving text is not shown.

If you don’t want your stethoscope to be engraved, simply leave this box empty.