Littmann 3200

Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope
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The Littmann 3200 has all the functionality of the 3100, but additionally possesses the extra functionality mainly consists of the capacity to store, share and analyse sounds. It also makes it possible to communicate with a PC and / or SPD. This makes it easier to classify and follow up on heart murmurs.

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Littmann 3200: Store, share and analyse

The Littmann 3200 has all the functionality of the 3100. But the 3200 goes even further. The extra functionality mainly consists of the capacity to store, share and analyse sounds. The auscultation session can easily be recorded for later use in a more peaceful setting. Using a Bluetooth ® wireless connection, the stored examination can be transferred to a computer. The Medical Zargis software supplied with the stethoscope makes it possible to conduct a rapid analysis and share recordings with colleagues if further analysis and evaluation are required. The software consists of two parts. The first part is used to visualize the audio signal and may be useful for fine-tuning. The second helps the physician to identify and classify suspected heart murmurs.

With Extended Range

What further distinguishes the Littmann 3200 from the 3100 is the capacity of the former to auscultate using Extended Range. By Extended Range is meant the 20Hz to 1000Hz frequency range. Not only does this combine the traditional diaphragm mode (100-500Hz) and bell mode (20-200Hz), it also extends them.

Littmann 3200: both ANR and FNR

The Littmann 3200 includes not only Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) but also Frictional Noise Reduction (FNR). The first of these new features ensures that ambient noise in a hectic emergency room, ambulance or ward is reduced, while the latter feature reduces sounds caused by friction when the stethoscope is in use.

Sound amplified up to 24 times

his stethoscope also amplifies sound up to 24 times more than traditional stethoscopes. This amplification, combined with Ambient Noise Reduction and Frictional Noise Reduction, results in an unprecedented auscultation experience. Clinical studies have shown that this stethoscope makes it easier to detect heart sounds, such as aortic regurgitations or abnormal lung sounds, which are normally difficult to hear. The Ambient Noise Reduction feature means that the Littmann 3100 functions perfectly even in a hectic environment.

Easy to use

The stethoscope control panel is located at the top of the chestpiece. The volume can be easily adjusted using the plus and minus buttons. There is also a button to switch between bell and diaphragm mode or to go to Extended Range. A standard volume can be pre-programmed, which saves the user from constantly having to calibrate. Data can be saved and functions such as connecting and disconnecting (Bluetooth ®) can be activated directly from the main menu.

Instant-on, LCD with backlight

When you switch on the stethoscope, it is immediately ready for use. The backlight switches on and auscultation is possible straight away. The LCD screen displays the current settings and battery capacity. The display also shows the patient’s heart rate. After the stethoscope has been idle for 3 minutes, it switches off automatically. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to worry about wasting the single AA battery used in the stethoscope. In any case, you will always be informed well in advance when the battery needs to be replaced.

Our experiences

The Littmann 3200 is an electronic stethoscope with exceptional capabilities. It not only means that auscultation is a very pleasant experience, it also makes it possible to communicate with a PC and / or SPD. This makes it easier to classify and follow up on heart murmurs. The unprecedented sound experience and useful tools such as the integrated heart rate monitor make each new examination a pleasure! An alternative to the Littmann 3200 is the Littmann Littmann 3100. The Littmann 3100 is less expensive, but it cannot be used to save, share or edit sound recordings. Nor does the Littmann 3100 have an Extended Range mode as does the 3200.

all EAN codes No
Model Littmann 3200
Occupation Anesthesiologist , Cardiologist , Emergency Physician , Family Practitioner , Internist, Pulmonologist , Professor/Instructor
Chestpiece Technology Single sided
Diaphragm Type Digital Electronic Filtering
Digital stethoscope Yes
Overall Acoustic Performance 10 +
Tube Length 27 inch
Tube Type Single lumen tubing
Warranty 2 years
Patients Adults & Children
Manufacturer 3M Littmann
Diaphragm diameter No
Chestpiece Weight (metric) 98 g
Net Weight (Metric) 179 g
SKU NZ-littmann-3200
Array No
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Alles gut.

Review by Christian - October 14, 2018



Leider keine Übertragung via Bluetooth an entsprechende Hörgeräte möglich. Sonst alles gut.

Review by C.L. - October 14, 2018

Die Zustellung des Artkels erfolgte schnell und komplikationslos. Die Verpackung und die Umverpackung waren für einen Versand sehr gut geeignet. Die Handhabung, die Leistung, das Stethoskop insgesamt ist optimal, Weiterempfehlung wird garantiert.

Review by Rainer - September 25, 2018

Alles super gelaufen, gerne wieder!

Review by Badi - March 28, 2016