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  • I cannot hear anything with my stethoscope. What’s wrong?

Read here about how to use a (Littmann) stethoscope

  • Is there latex in my Littmann stethoscope?

No, Littmann stethoscopes do not contain any natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber, either in the stethoscope parts or in the packaging.

  • Why is the tube of my stethoscope stiff after a few years?

Practically all the tubes used in Littmann stethoscopes are made of PVC (polyvinylchloride). This material becomes harder after long-term contact with the lipids that occur in the skin. Carrying the stethoscope around the neck can therefore contribute to this. Medical personnel are therefore advised to wear a shirt with a collar if they choose to wear their stethoscope around their neck.

  • There is a small hole in the diaphragm of my stethoscope (exactly in the middle). Is this a defect?

No, some models, such as the Littmann Master Cardiology and the Littmann Cardiology III (paediatric diaphragm), have a small hole in the middle of the diaphragm. This hole is not a production defect and has been placed there specially by the 3M Littmann designers.

  • Can I also use my Littmann stethoscope for an MRI?

No, all Littmann stethoscopes contain metal and may therefore not be used in the vicinity of an active MRI device.

  • Can I replace the (floating) diaphragm of my Littmann Classic II or Cardiology II stethoscope with an adjustable (tunable) diaphragm such as the one used in the Classic II SE or Cardiology III?

No, this is not possible. This is a different diaphragm type and it is not suitable for the older type of chest-piece.

  • What is the difference between the older Littmann Classic II and the new Littmann Classic II SE?

In 1996, the standard 'floating' diaphragm was replaced by the 'tunable' diaphragm. This resulted in the Littmann Classic II SE, where SE stands for Second Edition.

  • Can I use the Littmann Classic II Infant for neonatal care?

Most neonatologists believe that the diameters of both the clock and the diaphragm are still too large. When the infant is larger, this problem is considerably less.

Compare Littmann stethoscopes

Littmann Classic II SE:

  • best selling Littmann stethoscope.- 3 years warranty

Littmann Classic II Pediatric:

  • the Littmann stethoscope for pediatricians.- 3 years warranty

Littmann Classic II Infant:

  • the Littmann stethoscope for neonatologists, pediatricians and obstetricians- 3 years warranty

Littmann Cardiology III:

  • most versatile of Littmann stethoscope - 5 years warranty

Littmann Master Cardiology:

  • beloved by cardiologists and internists - 7 years warranty.

Littmann Cardiology STC:

  • the stethoscope with an additional rubber against cracking sounds - 6 years warranty

Littmann 3100:

  • one of the showpieces of new electronic Littmann. This model features technology against rubbing noises and ambient sounds. In addition, the signal is amplified up to 24x - 2 years warranty

Littmann 3200:

  • ditto, however, including software for analysis and sharing/storing of sounds.- 2 years warranty

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